About Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theater

Welcome to our 49th season of bringing you quality musical theater!

If you have ever attended a musical theatre performance, you know how much fun and uplifting it can be. If you have never attended a performance of this uniquely American art form, you and your
family have a great treat in store.

The Theater

Theater seating is accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis. Our seats are stadium-style with seatbacks being gradually added as sponsored over the summer of 2010. There is seating for
about 275 people. We provide a padded seat cushion, but you may bring your own cushion or stadium seat if you wish. Evenings can get chilly in the forest so you may want to bring along a sweater.

The Trail

Our Theater is a short walk through the woods on a bark chipped bark trail, so wear comfortable shoes and plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before the performance to allow time to pick up your
tickets and walk the trail to the theater. Lighting along the way will help guide you back to your car after evening performances. We do provide transportation from our parking lot to the theater
for those unable to take the trail for whatever reason - just ask!

The Property

The property is bordered on North and East by almost one third of a mile of Snoqualmie River shoreline. There are numerous wetlands and steep slopes. There is one type-4 stream, O Creek, that
transects the property from the south to north with numerous abandoned beaver ponds that have evolved in swampy areas.

Much of the area of the property adjacent to the Snoqualmie River is in the View Shed of Snoqualmie Falls. The southern boundary of the property is adjacent to the Preston-Snoqualmie Trail that
terminates in an overlook of Snoqualmie Falls.

Our Mission

When many people think of the Forest Theater, they think only of our outdoor theatrical productions in the summer. But Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theater is so much more!

Our property consists of approximately 95 acres of land that is divided between designated forestland and cultural lands for performing arts. Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theater's mission is to
provide training and experience in creative and performing arts in the Northwest, to provide conservation and controlled development of the Snoqualmie Falls area for public enjoyment, and to
provide recreational facilities for members' use and enjoyment.

Forest Preservation

Our park is home to wildlife including deer, bear, and many species of birds. Abundant blooms of native flowers in the spring and several varieties of mushrooms in the fall provide many of the
reasons we think preserving this corner of Snoqualmie Valley is so important. We recently completed Restoration of O Creek and Bridge Construction, which added nearly 0.8 mile of salmon habitat to
the Snoqualmie River. Another recently completed project was the Upper Trail and Bridge Restoration (2008).

Some of our projects include the development of a Forest Stewardship Plan, with assistance from the Washington State University Cooperative Extension. We've been busy reforesting areas of the property that have been logged over the years.

Catch the excitement!

Your membership, financial donations and volunteer time will help us preserve this property for our use and for future generations!