In addition to becoming a member and volunteering, there are other ways to support SFFT! Remember that every donation is tax deductable and we are happy to provide you a receipt.

Sponsor a Seatback!

We need your help to make our seating more comfortable for everyone. For a mere $50-$100 investment in the theater's future seasons, you can sponsor a twelve-foot seatback section so you and others can enjoy our performances in style!

An engraved plaque with each sponsor’s inscription will be placed on the back of the seat section. Each sponsor will also receive a coupon for complimentary concessions for themselves and their guests (limited to four snack items, four bags of popcorn, and four beverages) for one performance. Your name will also be listed in our newsletter and in a framed listing in the barbeque structure or at the cushion hut.


Front Three Rows: $100
Other specific placement as available: $75
Allow us to decide where the seatback is most needed: $50

If you'd like to sponsor a seatback, email us with your desired placement and inscription. Placements are subject to availability.

Information on Seatbacks

Will your sponsored section be available to you at any time?
No, not automatically. But if you call the office or email us at least two days in advance of the show you're attending to let us know that you'd like to sit in "your" seats, we will place a reserved sign on "your" section.

How quickly will the seatback go in after donation is received?
We will try to get each seatback in as quickly as possible, but our plan is to have each seatback in under two weeks of receipt of sponsorship. The permanent engraved plaque will take a little longer but we will place a temporary label with you inscription as soon as the seatback installation is completed.

Do I have to be a member to sponsor a seatback?
No, this is open to all on a first come, first served basis.

Do I have to have my name inscribed?
It's entirely up to you. You can have your or your family's name, you can honor a friend or loved one, you can chose to have it inscribed "anonymous" or "friend of SFFT" if you wish. Honor someone's birthday, someone's anniversary. It's entirely up to you. Someone even asked if they could honor a prior season's show, and that's fine, too.

If you want to surprise someone with a seat dedicated in their honor for a performance this season (summer 2012), let us know and we'll leave "painters tape" over the plaque so you can pull it off to unveil the engraving. Or we can stick on a big bow or something of the kind over the plaque. But remember - contact us as soon as possible - we need as much lead-time as possible to make and install the seatbacks and get the engraved plaque installed in time for your surprise.

Please e-mail us with any questions!

Financial Donations

Of course, we accept financial donations in any amount - any bit helps!