Membership Information

Member newsletter correction: the price for general membership was listed as two separate prices in our latest newsletter; the correct amount is $95. Thank you for your understanding!

Most of the growth and development at Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theater and Family Park has been accomplished through the volunteer efforts of our members. Revenue to support, improve and maintain Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theater and Family park comes from member dues and donations, and through our theatrical and other events.

In addition to providing critical support to Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theater and Family Park, members receive many benefits through recreational use of the property. All membership levels receive theater tickets good for any time during the season.

And membership is affordable! Just $95 for a general membership!

Membership Categories

General - $95
    Includes two theater tickets
Patron - $170
    Includes four theater tickets
Lifetime - $2000
    Includes four theater tickets

To become a member, visit our online store or download our member application here. Note: price for lifetime membership is incorrect in this form

Member Benefits

Members and their guests are entitled to use the property for various recreational activities including camping, hiking, and fishing. Members are permitted unrestricted access to the property year 'round.

  • Views of Snoqualmie Falls from the base or just a short walk from your car to the overlook
  • Unobstructed stargazing
  • Winter solitude
  • Fantastic fly fishing on our private shore
  • 1/3 of a mile of private beach
  • Camping
  • Bird-watching
  • Gate pass allowing you 24/7/365 access to the park
  • Use of the park for your private events, like:
  • Access to member-only events
  • Free theater passes (quantity based on membership level)
  • Bring up to 10 family members or friends with you at any time
  • Best of all - Be a part of preserving this wonderful 95 acres of trees and open spaces

In addition to our summer theater program, Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theater and Family Park provides year 'round recreational opportunities to its members in the form of fishing, hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.


Members are permitted to camp in designated camping areas. There are currently four large camp areas available, with other smaller sites being developed.

King County regulations limit the number of people who may camp, so reservations are required. Please call or email; you must have confirmation from our staff before camping.

Several trails wind through the park providing access to the river, viewpoints, and to Snoqualmie Falls.

The Falls Trail ends at the base of Snoqualmie Falls. Along the way you will cross O Creek and travel through nearly 50 acres of designated Forest Land.

The Preston-Snoqualmie trail forms the upper boundary of the Forest Theater property, near the end of the trail. Access to this trail is available from the park.

About Membership

Membership to SFFT is available to individuals and families by submitting an application accompanied by appropriate dues, to the Board of Directors for approval. The approval process may take up to two weeks.

Still have questions about membership? Email us!